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We run an exclusive growth residency of elite pre Series A tech founders, and run dozens of events per year for over 1000+ founders in Singapore 🇸🇬, Jakarta 🇮🇩 and HCMC 🇻🇳

Startups in our residency
Raised & generated by the members
Founders attended our free events in 2023

Our sweet spot: Seed To Series A

We meet the region's best founders before the world finds out about them.

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When I first met Sina Meraji, it became clear to me that we have aligned values towards creating value for founders. He is incredibly smart, sensitive and deliberate. Tin Men Capital has held Founders X Founders event every month in partnership with Learning Loop and there'll be more collaborations to come. If you're a tech startup founder looking for a community of fellow founders that focuses on quality of exchange, I highly recommend you check Learning Loop out. Also glad to say I can see the B2B tech community in Singapore growing, not just in numbers but in momentum and I feel privileged that we get to see it blossom.

John Tay
Head of Partnerships, Tin Men Capital

Areas of Partnership

Help founders win, we'll help you win.

We are open to paid partnerships, and have a proven track record of delivering outsized value in these areas:

Best-in-Class Community Building
Collaborate with a strong founder community that meets up weekly & shares resources to help each other maximise luck.
Best-in-Class Events For Founders
Collaborate with us for in-person or online founder focused events and workshops.
Content & Social Media Reach
With a 2M+ targeted audience reach on our social platforms, you can easily amplify your reach to the top start-up ecosystem in APAC.
Discounts & Dealflow
Purchase discounted Learning Loop membership for your portfolio members, and/or access a high quality deal flow when we make periodic investor intros.

Access To Elite Pre Series Tech Founders

Meet Founders Before They're On TechCrunch

The best founders befriend other great founders. Join our Partner Program to make our 1st degree network your 1st degree network.

access to founders who are expecting to meet
from the mental models of the top 1% operators and experts
is meeting a big client at a party in San Francisco, or when somoeone on LearningLoop DMs you "I met this guy and I think you should chat"
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Relationships Over transactions

Your Message Reaches More Founders When It Comes From Us

group of founders. All new applicants are either invited or reviewed by existing members.
that is continuously maintained and developed by members.
Non-jealous, non-judgmental
environment in which you can share your good and bad news and celebrate or grieve together.
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How founders feel about their experience

"I paid to join Learning Loop because it's one of the best channels for maximizing luck in meeting and getting introduced to people that will change my course and make a difference to my founder journey. ‍ Working hard needs to be combined with creating luck - Learning Loop is one of the best channels to maximize that."

Ty, based in Thailand
Co-founder & CEO/CTO

"Learning Loop is a great way to build a learning network with fellow founders. Learning with and alongside your peers is a powerful way to grow together."

Jan, based in Singapore
Co-founnder & CEO, Fairmart

"Learning loop is a safe haven to discuss real founder problems and to get feedback from folks who are going through the same things. Sina has put together a great community of founders who all are all comfortable learning in public. The weekly accountability calls have been particularly helpful in bouncing ideas with other founders."

Arjun, based in India
Co-founder & CEO, Betafi

"Being a part of Learning Loop is like having a backstage pass to the greatest startup show on earth. It's this incredible place where we, as founders, share, learn, and fuel each other’s ambition. I'm constantly amazed by the wealth of knowledge within this community, and it’s hands down the best asset I didn't know I needed for my startup journey. Founders find value in spending time with other founders, and Learning Loop is THE way to make sure this happens for you."

Dylan, based in Malaysia
Co-founder & CEO, Replyr

“Love Learning Loop, it is really helpful. Especially the supportive spirit of it all and the super high quality / standard (hate the terms when used about people but hope you get the gist!) of the community and its members.”

Patrick, based in Singapore
Co-founder & CEO of Duellix

Backed by all-star investors who build

We're lucky to have investors who share our mission and values, and help our community grow.

Frequently asked questions

We are actively forming partnerships with startups, MNCs, municipalities and governments to create economic value at various scales. Here are the common questions:

Which cities do you run founder events in?
San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Ho Chi Minh City at the moment.
Do you make money?
Yes, we are a for-profit, venture-backed and mission-driven company.
What are your brand values?
Our brand and community culture value collaboration, competence, and resourcefulness. As a company, we spend most of our time in Singapore and San Francisco and want more cities outside of San Francisco to be San Francisco like for founders.
Who else do you partner with?
Only organisations and companies that share our community values, both internally and in their public perception.
What is Learning Loop's public perception like?
We are a respectable rising brand in APAC. In 1 year we will be the world's best peer to peer residency for elite tech founders. We strictly avoid politics, gossip and anything that can sabotage our members' and partners' brands and reputation.
Where are you incorporated and where are most of your members in?
We are incorporated in Singapore. We have members in 8 countries, including the US, but most of our users are Singaporean and located in Singapore. 1000+ attended our events last year and more than 80% of them were Singaporean founders.

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