Peer-To-Peer Residency for Elite Tech Founders

Meticulous curation, small group matchmaking and weekly check-in calls, honest self-reflections, learning sprints and founder daycare.

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Enzo hawksight, Nadia Fintelite, Ethan betafi
Sherry Jiang
Fatima Metaschool
Raman from Phasio and Jan from Fairmart


How members feel about their experience

"I paid to join Learning Loop because it's one of the best channels for maximizing luck in meeting and getting introduced to people that will change my course and make a difference to my founder journey. ‍ Working hard needs to be combined with creating luck - Learning Loop is one of the best channels to maximize that."

Ty WeGoWhere
Ty, based in Thailand
Co-founder & CEO/CTO
WeGoWhere logo

"Learning Loop is a great way to build a learning network with fellow founders. Learning with and alongside your peers is a powerful way to grow together."

Jan Gasparic
Jan, based in Singapore
Co-founnder & CEO, Fairmart

"I've joined some pretty great founder communities, but Learning Loop is by far the best and most helpful. Everyone here has their own unique stories and they're not shy about sharing their real, unfiltered journeys. I've already told my founder friends they've got to check out Learning Loop – the residency program is absolutely one-of-a-kind in Asia. Absolutely love it here!"

Vera Sun
Vera, based in Singapore
Co-founnder & CEO, Wonderchat

"I have met some of the smartest founders in Southeast Asia (and beyond) through Learning Loop, super grateful to be a member and have access to such a group of ambitious people!"

Jan Gasparic
Viktor, based in Singapore
Chief of Staff, Docquity

"I have been a member of Learning Loop for the past few months and it has been a fantastic experience. There are a few things that are just so special about Learning Loop compared to other founder communities that I am a part of: - Accountability to be active: ppl do share and engage on a regular basis, beyond just a Whatsapp text group. Those relationships and the value they bring compound over time - Vulnerability as a core value: most ppl are very open to sharing all parts of the founder journey - as more sharing leads to quicker iterative process of learning. No one is judging, everyone is there to help - Curated community: I can tell that Sina puts in a lot of time in evaluating each person who joins - everyone is very thoughtful, intentional and always learning"

Sherry, based in Singapore
Co-founder & CEO, Peek (BlueJay Finance)

"Being a part of Learning Loop is like having a backstage pass to the greatest startup show on earth. It's this incredible place where we, as founders, share, learn, and fuel each other’s ambition. I'm constantly amazed by the wealth of knowledge within this community, and it’s hands down the best asset I didn't know I needed for my startup journey. Founders find value in spending time with other founders, and Learning Loop is THE way to make sure this happens for you."

Dylan Tan Replyr
Dylan, based in Malaysia
Co-founder & CEO, Replyr

"I have been part of the Learning Loop community for the past 5 months and it has been one of the best and highly engaged community of founders willing to help, support and uplift each other. I will highly recommend founders looking for their tribe to give this one a try!"

Fatima, based in Singapore
Founder & CEO, MetaSchool

“Love Learning Loop, it is really helpful. Especially the supportive spirit of it all and the super high quality / standard (hate the terms when used about people but hope you get the gist!) of the community and its members.”

Patrick Duellix
Patrick, based in Singapore
Co-founder & CEO of Duellix

“Highly recommend learning loop to founders who want to stress test their mental models, and learn from the mental models of other highly competent tech founders. The result is a higher probability of reaching PMF faster, and reaching 6 figure ARR with others who are striving to reach the same. You'll have an aha moment once you have your first meetup with your founder cohort, specially curated to your sector, stage of company, and the hardest problems that you're currently solving. Ultra bullish on Sina, Peter, and team :)”

Lorenzo Ampil
Enzo, based in Singapore
Co-founder & CTO of HawkSight

“Been a part of Learning loop over the past year, it is a wonderful communities for founders. Sina has done a great job curating a super helpful group of founders who help each other always.”

Arjun Arora
Arjun, based in India
Co-founder & CEO of Betafi

Belonging & Growth, Where You Are.

A place outside of Silicon Valley to live and breathe the mentals models and culture of Silicon Valley and build great companies, teams & products together..

Hawksight Phasio Pawjour Laravel Metaschool Wonderchat Statamic Supa Statamic Smilie
Jane Peh Pawjour

Being a founder can be lonely at times - there are a lot of challenges that only a founder can understand and empathize with. Sina has created a safe environment for founders to be vulnerable, honest and get advice from one another. I especially love that he curates and personally filter each profile, which elevates and entire experience.

Jane, based in the US
Co-founder & CEO of Pawjour

How Learning Loop Works

Bundling everything you already love

Community + small and big programs and experiences + meticulous vetting and feedback collection to maximise quality

Private Online Community With House Rules

One of the most resourceful, helpful and active founder communities globally that any founder can apply to join. When a member is inactive for more than 1 month, we call them to check up on them. If we can't reach a founder for over 3 months, we offboard them and send them a goodbye gift.

Community-Voted List of Needs

Members frequently contribute to a list of what they need and want the most from their Learning Loop experience, and we figure out how to bring them to y'all.

Programs & Experiences To Fulfil Community Needs

We create best in class programs and experiences (or curate relevant services) that fulfil the needs and wants of our community.

Warm Intros To Investors Are Best When They Come From Other Founders

Transistor Reform Tuple SavvyCal Statamic Statamic Statamic Statamic

Why Learning Loop exists

Sina Meraji
Sina Meraji – Founder of Learning Loop

There’s something startup accelerators offer that founder communities don’t: Founder daycare. It’s when one or few smart and ambitious people personally take interest in *every* founder and the founder’s company and check in with them frequently like “how is the new hire coming along?”, “how are you feeling about the experiment?”, “how’s your family?”, etc.

I attended 1 accelerator (Entrepreneur First) and loved that. YCombinator and Iterative and others are known for it too, in deeper ways. EF is more of a deep tech cofounder matching than an accelerator but kinda has that daycare function too (it’s also where I met my first angel investor and now cofounder Peter)

By default you don’t get that when you join a whatsapp group or slack community of hundreds or thousands of founders. Sure you can ask questions like “does anyone recommend an accountant?” and people answer it and that’s one form of caring, but it’s not a deep one.

The reason isn’t that the people at accelerators are caring and the people in communities aren’t; but that the structure of the 2 experiences and the incentives drive different caring behaviors.

That’s why the moment the accelerator ends, you stop getting daycare despite being added to their alumni network.

Experienced founders somehow solve this for themselves by building or joining some support network, and I’ve noticed a surprising number of founders don’t do it at all, or don’t do it well.

I built for myself first and foremost, but built it with scale in mind so that other founders will also love it and benefit from it as much as I do.

Any founder who joins LL gets 2-10 smart ambitious people who care about them (completely peer to peer).

When things go well in our work and life on Learning Loop, we text or call each other, sometimes before telling anyone else outside of our companies.

That is what you are signing up for.

Privacy & Psychological Safety.

Strict rules around privacy and culture, set and maintained by the members, keep Learning Loop a safe place for founders.

Top Of Mind Thoughts

Members frequently share what's top of mind, to include others and be included in each other's journeys.

Confidence Boost

Whether you seek advice or you need to rant, this is safe space for you to be understood by people you respect.

Serendipitous By Design

We make it easy for you to turn this experience into a behaviour loop for your exponential learning.

Helping you learn 2x faster

No noise, all signal

When a founder network gets noisy, everyone loses value. So built Integral to reimagine how founders communicate and connect.

countering the rejection, loneliness and uncertainty of founder life.
from the mental models of the top 1% operators and experts
is meeting a big client at a party in San Francisco, or when somoeone on LearningLoop DMs you "I met this guy and I think you should chat"
Product screenshot

Belonging on the go

Relationships > transactions

group of founders. All new applicants are either invited or reviewed by existing members.
that is continuously maintained and developed by members.
Non-jealous, non-judgmental
environment in which you can share your good and bad news and celebrate or grieve together.
Product screenshot

A quirky bunch

Not a dead discord/whatsapp/telegram group with a thousand random people.

And More...

Learning Loop is all about authentic relationships. We grow intentionally slowly, to build deep, meaningful connections.

Backed by all-star investors who build

We're lucky to have investors who share our mission and values, and help our community grow.


Gym for your mind

Learning Loop membership is by application, requiring community review, unless you have an invitation. If you can't afford the fee, send an email to and share the price that works for you :)


$150 /month

10x cheaper than a founder coach's monthly fee; billed to your company, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Exclusive community access
  • Private peer group chat
  • Private weekly peer check-in video call
  • 1 tier 1 AMA per month
  • Community knowledge base
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Standard membership fee

$300 /month

5x cheaper than a founder coach's monthly fee; billed to your company, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Everything in By-Invite
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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is Learning Loop?
Learning Loop is a peer to peer online residency for the world's best tech founders, backed by the investors of Udemy, Reddit and Stripe. Founders join Learning Loop to get continuous feedback and emotional support.
We have a private community, match founders with other founders in small groups and host peer to peer check-in calls and organise AMAs and in-person events.
What's the usual stage of founders on Learning Loop?
Tech founders generating 4-6 figure MRR (USD), bootstrapped or pre Series A
I am an aspiring founder. Can I join?
Unfortunately not. Learning Loop is only open to founders with an incorporated company with an existing MVP out in the market, or anything above that and pre Series A or 7 figure in annual revenue. This is to ensure similar concerns, headspace and resourcefulness, since your market success usually is a determinant of your decision making quality and luck, and we wanna gather people at a similar level of decision making competence, maximise their luck!
I am an investor. Can I join?
Unfortunately not.
I'm a bootstrapped founder. Can I join?
Absolutely, if you're building a tech start-up and have a product that you're iterating on weekly, with real customers/users.
What's the time commitment like?
It's less of a commitment and more of a choice. The peer groups on Learning Loop meet 1 hour a week over a video call, and few hours a week on the feed reading/sharing stuff. Our members are the incredibly competent and resourceful founders who don't easily give their time to any event or person, but choose to meet each other because they get value from it.
Do you have in-person meetups?
Yes, for now only in Singapore. You can always ask for meetups in your own city and we'll setup the logistics and promote it!
Can I try it before committing?
No but we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee :)

Learning Loop is built in public, by founders, for founders.

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